TO the VIPs:I'm being forced to promote this website. If I don't get a big number of hits on my site, then I get a bad grade in my class (don't ask why)! Since this website isn't all about our favorite group (everyone shout BIG BANG!), I've decided to perhaps start a blog section where you guys can interact a little more...I know it's not much, but I'll try~ So go to the second tab down on the left. It reads Big Bang Discussion

Have fun!!

P.S. Check out the video above. It's really sweet


Perhaps the title says the gist of my message, but I'll say it again: Welcome! This is my first official website (I don't count Xanga or Facebook *wink*). My website isn't pertaining to anything specific; I just have pages on what interests me the most in life, as well as an added blog (under Diary) that you can check up on every now and then. So feel free to look around and enjoy your browsing!

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Wanna see what I sound like? Check out the video link below!!
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