Favorite Movies...And Then Some

The title really says it all. Hopefully when you see what movies I like, you'll also get a glimpse of what kind of person I am! Just in case you don't, here are my general likes: fantasy that's good (and NO Eragon definitely does NOT count); romantic flicks that aren't just fluff (I cater to my girly side, but pointless movies...um, no); Cinderella stories (a.k.a. Underdog themed movies); and animations (as well as Disney, I like most of Hayao Miyasaki's works because I firmly believe he's a genius). So now that you know, browse the lists. If you like what I like, then watch some of my favorites that you haven't seen before. And if your likes are the polar opposite of mine, then go straight to my Dislikes list! Don't worry, I'm tolerant of other people's views~


Lord of the Rings trilogy
Never Been Kissed
All Disney up to Mulan
Ten Things I Hate About You
007: Casino Royale
Blood Diamond
Spiderwick Chronicles

Star Wars (1-3)
Fast and Furious
Step Up 


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