1. On the top righthand corner of your desktop, click Macintosh HD.


2. Click Applications. Scroll down to Utilities and click.


3. Click the Grab icon (has scissors on it). Nothing will happen except Grab is now next to the apple on the top lefthand corner of your screen.


4. Now open up Safari. Go to any site you wish (grabbing a picture might make more sense, so try a news site. I chose BBC)
Once that's done, click the Grab icon ONCE that's at the bottom of your screen (righthand side).
Next to the apple at the top lefthand corner, Grab will appear *look at above picture*


5. Click Capture. Then click Selection. A window will pop up, but ignore that. Click and drag your mouse over whatever it is you wish to capture (In my case, I captured the headline news on the wall street crisis). 


6. A window with that picture will appear. Click on file, and save it to your desktop.

Tips on Avoiding Media Bias

7. Congratulations! You've successfully used the grab feature. However, the computer automatically saves the file as TIFF, so if you want to upload the picture, open the picture up. Then click File, Save As. Change TIFF to JPEG and save! YOU'RE DONE!!

Tips Avoiding Media Bias (an example)

Here's an example of detecting country bias in an issue.
Let's look up the Gaza conflict between the Hamas and Israel.

So...if you wanted to know how many people were killed, you don't want to go to an Israeli source OR a Palestinian source.

Here's the U.S.A Today source that shows the conflicting numbers in gunmen killed. Read the last paragraph. Israel says 700. Hamas says 300. But be careful, as the US is friendly to Israel, a little bias might crop up, especially since the Hamas are a terrorist group, so be careful!!!

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