Haiku on Death

I pass as all things do 
dew on the grass.



I wake up, feel the press of darkness
Until the light chases it away
Stumble out of bed, the heater's on
Don't want to go, just want to stay

It's funny, I don't feel much depressed,
Just a little tired, a little bored
Go through the morning motions
So routine effort isn't required

But when I flip open your letter
I feel the weight, the burden lift
I read your many cherished lines
And I love, I adore this gift
Show me once again your love
Give to me the wings of dove

One more day, just the same
As all the rest, and yet
You're also the same, never different
But far from boredom, I feel blessed.

So, Why was Jesus a Man? 

There have been many debates as to the true identity of the founder of Christianity, so this is just another addition to those countless arguments. Here's the point: Jesus WAS a man. Why? First off, he was born just like anyone else in the whole world, throughout the whole of history has ever been born, through the womb of a woman. Secondly, the Bible makes numerous indications as to his being human; namely, He felt human emotions, he felt human temptations (he never gave into them), and he died a human death.

To expand upon these three: 1) Jesus felt human emotions. In fact, the shortest Bible verse is "Jesus wept." At other times, Jesus felt joy (the Transfiguration), compassion (healing the blind, the lame, the deaf, etc.), pity (the crowd that constantly followed him had his pity), gratefulness (to His Father), etc. 2) Jesus felt human temptations, which is most obviously shown when after Jesus went into the desert to fast for forty days and Satan came to tempt him with worldly things, Jesus passed the test of temptations and sent Satan away. And finally, 3) he died a human death. Not only does the Bible assert this, but numerous other witness accounts of the time record the death of a wise rabbi named Jesus on a Roman cross.