Here I Am.

 This will be the least updated page, so don't feel like you have to come back to this as often as the rest. If you haven't already guessed from the VERY obvious page title, I reserved a page to just introduce myself, my hobbies, and my general idiosyncrasies (ooh...big word? Shows a little about me if you think about it). So before I get carried away and actually blab everything in one long Jeffersonian paragraph, I'll stop and give you time to browse whatever aspect of Me you want to.

About Me...

Name: Christine Kim
Date of Birth: January 13th, 1991 (and yes, I have celebrated a Friday 13th birthday)
Age: 17
Gender: I'm obviously a girl
Ethnicity: Korean-American

In a Nutshell...

I love books.I love literature, especially those written in the Romantic Era.I LOVE JESUS and I have for the past few years.I'm an anti-procrastinator.Soccer is my passion.I dream about visiting Europe.I have little if no fashion sense.I love baking.I want to have a pet--a cat preferably.I'm very independent.I've had one birthday party in my life.I've celebrated Christmas with my family once.I love singing.I can't get math well.I don't LOVE writing, but I like it tolerably well.I can be very witty, biting, and acerbic.

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