Haha so I finally finished the website! Praise God...seriously...

I think it's extremely funny and ironic how I'm a perfectionist when it comes to academics and yet I can't even maintain things like website very well (Facebook is the one exception, and even then I don't check it except once a week or something lol). Should I pray over it?  



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    My name is...

    Hey so I'm Christine Kim, and the first thing to know about me is that I LOVE JESUS. I go to Yongsan Int'l. School (no one outside of Korea knows of this school of course) and I'm currently a senior! I'M EXCITED TO GRADUATE, but that doesn't come for another 200 days, give or take a few. So meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy my last year of high-school: God-willing, I can leave a memorable legacy behind for my underclassmen friends.

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